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The National Network of Forensic Isotopes - RENIF - was founded with the aim of contributing to the application of isotopic methodology in the scope of forensic sciences in the country.

The idea of creating a scientific society especially dedicated to forensic isotopes was born in May 2019, during the InterForensics Conference 2019, in the city of São Paulo. At the time, the conception of the Network was motivated by the perception of how isotopic methodology, both using stable isotopes (traditional and non-traditional) and radiogenic isotopes, could be a new front of technological vanguard for the development of forensic sciences in the country.

RENIF's mission is to promote the development, exchange, dissemination and application of knowledge of isotopic science in the forensic area, aiming at the qualified production of scientific evidence for the purposes of criminal investigations and criminal and civil jurisdictional procedures.


To this end, RENIF aims to bring together researchers, criminal experts and other professionals working in the area of forensic isotopes, facilitating the exchange of information and promoting the consolidation of a collective knowledge base with the purpose of improving methods of detection and reduction of crimes in the country.

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